The Download on The Smoothie Project


The Download on The Smoothie Project

We’re big fans of Catherine McCord’s new book The Smoothie Project, an idea that came about organically when she was trying to figure out why her son was riddled with nausea, headaches, and stomach pains daily. Swapping out carb-heavy breakfasts for nutrient-packed (but super-delicious!) smoothies had a miraculous effect on his health, and from there a movement was born.

At first glance, the recipes can seem daunting: Do you really need all those different supplements, powders, and oils? It seems like (expensive) overkill.

Customized Smoothies

The answer is, you absolutely don’t. The brilliance of this cookbook lies in a chart (guided by doctors and experts) that helps you figure out which add-ins will address specific health issues. Then you only use those super-boosts in all of your smoothies and ignore the ones listed in each recipe. It seriously simplifies things and allows you to focus on your goals.

Healing Powers

Speaking of goals, what kind of ailments can these powerful smoothies cure? A plethora and for everyone – from babies to those way up there in age. They can lower cholesterol, reduce anxiety, calm inflammation, reduce arthritis and joint pain, detoxify the body, increase metabolism, boost immunity, lower blood sugar, and so much more – all by addressing the root cause (what you put into your body) rather than just taking medicine to alleviate symptoms.

Gear Up

Once you determine your ad-ins, you’ll need a workhorse of a blender. Most of them are an investment, but this is a lifestyle change you’re going to maintain for years to come (not some quick, New Year’s resolution). There are recommendations at every price point in the book. 

Plan Ahead

On Sunday (or whatever day works for you), choose the smoothies you want to make that week and stock up on the necessary ingredients. If your mornings are crazy, prep for the whole week in individual mason jars and store them in the freezer. Then all you have to do is pour, blend, and enjoy!