How to Get a Met Gala-Worthy Glow


How to Get a Met Gala-Worthy Glow

The secret to Emily in Paris actress Ashley Park’s glowing skin on the Met Gala red carpet? Evereden. We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Tonya Brewer, who used three of our products to prep the star for the big night, to find how exactly how she did it. 


EE: What inspired you to create Ashely Park’s gorgeous glowing body look for the Met Gala? 

 TB: The Met theme was gilded glamour, so I wanted to make Ashley’s look all about the skin. Ashley’s skin tone next to the shade of neon pink Prabal Gurung chose for the Mikado corset was so dreamy. Once I applied the Evereden Golden Body Serum to Ashley’s body it brought the whole look together. Ashley’s skin looked like silk, almost like an extension of the dress.  

To prime Ashley’s face for makeup, I used three pumps of Evereden Nourishing Baby Face Cream & finished with Evereden Baby Lip Balm to help the lip application go on smoothly. 


EE: As a makeup artist, how does great skincare elevate your client’s look? 

TB: I feel that it’s always important to invest in good skincare. When your skin has proper nourishment and hydration, it shows through the makeup. The products you apply to enhance your beauty go on even better and wear longer throughout the day. 


EE: Besides the face, what are your favorite body parts to highlight when doing a client’s makeup? 

TB: My favorite areas to highlight would definitely have to be the collar bones and the décolletage. Ashley’s makeup was beautiful and glowing, so it was important to me that the glow continued throughout the rest of her body.  



 EE: Do you have any tips for getting the perfect glowy look at home?

TB: I love using body products with face level skincare quality and ingredients like Evereden Golden Body Serum. 


EE: What do you like about Evereden Golden Body Serum?

TB: It’s fast absorbing, hydrating, creates smooth, soft, radiant, and even toned skin. 


EE: Do you look for certain ingredients in body skincare products?

TB: Absolutely! It’s very important to me that body products have face level skincare ingredients like vitamin C and bakuchiol. 


EE: Do you have any tips for body serum application to help enhance the product benefits? 

TB: I love applying Evereden Golden Body Serum right after a warm shower or bath. After towel-drying skin, I start with a few pumps and warm it up in the palms of my hands and gently massage it into the skin.   

Want to get a Met Gala-worthy glow at home? Shop all of Tonya’s skincare favorites here.

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