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At Evereden, skin health is family health. That’s why we’ve created a range of pregnancy-safe skincare to nourish, nurture and protect your skin from the early days of pregnancy, to the final, about-to-pop ones, to post-partum. All our safe skincare products are designed to meet your pre- and new mama needs. Growing belly, itchy skin, stretch marks? We get it. Our Golden Belly Serum delivers the same level of targeted repair to your bump as a facial serum would to your face. And our Stretch Mark Cream, Belly Mask Collection, Lifting and Firming Lotion all work to heal and comfort fragile, stretched skin. Our Multi-Purpose Healing Balm is a wonder during pregnancy and after, providing soothing relief to nursing mothers as well as their little ones. Moms provide so much care and nurture—let us do the same for you.