Meet EverMom: Danila Davidson


Meet EverMom:
Danila Davidson

Meet EverMom Danila Davidson: born and raised in Italy, Danila ran a successful startup in Australia teaching people how to code before making her way to New York City with her husband. After many years in the tech industry, Danila decided to shift her focus completely. Read on to hear more about how this career-driven woman made the transition to stay-at-home mom of three. 

What was the decision like from becoming a working mom to a stay at home mom?

I realized that I was running around and I wasn’t seeing my two girls. I love to work, but I wasn’t able to enjoy my work nor enjoy my kids. When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I found myself not really able to run the company I was working on, so I decided to take time off and to see how things go, and in doing so realized that motherhood is one of the most important jobs in the world.

I really wanted to just free myself and to fully feel what it was like to be pregnant and to create my own identity as a mother. Even though I don’t work full-time, I think of myself as more of a work from home mom. In creating and running my Instagram account, I've found my identity as a mother: which is, a mother who has a voice. No one ever told me anything about motherhood, it is the most rewarding thing to do! That, and a whole different level of multitasking.

How would you describe your personal style of mothering?

I think I’m generally a happy mother. I’m very physical–kisses and hugs–I’m Italian! Now that I have 3 kids, I can’t always take each child to each of their activities, so I tend to nurture them by sharing my time mindfully with each of them. The biggest thing is that I try to communicate my love for them by teaching them how to be grateful and to see life with the glass half-full. 

As a mom, at the end of the day, we know our child the best–we know where they are emotionally, physically, etc.–so we know when to begin teaching them the important lessons of life. I think the most important advice I’d give to a new mom is “do not listen to what other people say; you know your child best and what their needs are.”

How do you spend a typical night?

This is the toughest part of the day! I try to cook dinner earlier in the day, so that when they come home from school, dinner is already ready. The kids are cranky and tired after school, and the house is all crazy, so I am typically tidying up. We usually shower the kids in the morning since my husband is there to help me, so what we do at night instead is a pre-bedtime massage with the Soothing Baby Massage Oil. Afterwards, I take my two youngest to their bedroom and we do story time followed by some lullabies, and they usually fall asleep within 30-40 minutes. My oldest, 5-year-old daughter joins them a bit later. This routine may sound easy, but it’s NOT. If one wakes up, so does the other; it's a domino effect. 

Any nice things to have/do to help you relax or better enjoy a workday night?

My husband and I will have quality time over dinner together, or watch a show to help unwind. This is my only "me time" during the day, and this time is so important for my husband and I to recharge and to reconnect with one another. To me, self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant--it's about just truly reconnecting with myself.

What does Eden mean to you?

Eden is a sunny day with no worries, the purest foods, and the purest products. But most importantly, Eden is my kids being happy.

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