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12 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

For something so little, babies require so much stuff. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to pack all the things when you travel with a little. Add in holiday airport crowds and family dynamics, and it’s enough to drive you to the brink. But it’s immensely easier if you follow these guidelines on what to ship ahead, what you’d never think to pack, and genius tips to make anywhere feel (almost) like home. 


Amazon to the Rescue 

Don’t try and explain to your Mom which organic, paleo baby food and compostable diapers your child needs. Save you both the frustration and Amazon Serenity Kids Pouches and Eco Boom diapers straight there.  


Total Blackout 

If your little is accustomed to blackout shades, add blackout garbage bags and painter's tape (won’t take paint off) to the above Amazon shipment. You’ll be thankful for the zzz’s when you get there. 


Bring the Noise 

Now is not the time to try and break habits. If your kid is accustomed to sleeping with a sound machine, pack a travel version (with an adapter) or download the Sound Sleeper app on the iPad. 


Get Lit 

Don’t let “the dark” haunt your holidays. Ease their fears and pack a travel nightlight (with bonus USB port to plug the above iPad into). 


Sharing is Caring  

Pack our Nourishing Baby Face Cream to hydrate the faces of everyone in the family with nourishing superfood oils and soothing colloidal oatmeal. At only 1.7 oz and with a hygienic vacuum pressure pump, it's perfect as the go-to travel moisturizer for everyone, especially for baby. 


Tips for traveling with a baby


Avoid Germs 

Carpeted hotel room floors are downright disgusting. Put towels or a blanket on the floor for them to play on. 


Be Prepared 

When your child wakes with a fever at 3am, you don’t want to be tracking down an open pharmacy. Be prepared with an emergency bag that contains the essentials – Tylenol, Advil, thermometer, Neosporin, and Elmo band-aids.  


Stock The Mini Fridge 

Room service can be sooooo slow (and expensive). Stop at a convenience mart and stock up on cereal, milk, yogurt, and snacks to keep in the room. A hangry kid is up there with a judgy mother-in-law. 


Save Yourself 

Don’t be that stressed out mom constantly hovering as little fingers explore every socket and sharp corners beg to bonk heads. Just come prepared to childproof the space in a snap. 


Comfy Is Key 

Guaranteeing everyone gets good sleep is the key to “happy” holidays. If your child is sensitive to fabrics, pack a sheet and pillowcase from home (they fold up super-small). You never know what you’re going to get at a hotel or your in-laws’ house. 


Don’t Schlepp It All 

Schlepping and checking car seats can be the last straw. Rent one with your rental car – Avis makes it super-easy. If you need one for a car at the destination, there’s likely a local service that rents them, or ship a cheapie (but safe) one like Cosco Scenera 


Ditch the Wheels 

Ditto on the big fancy stroller. Wear your baby in a carrier through security or buy a cheap umbrella stroller. If it gets all banged up or you leave it in the rental car trunk by accident, no biggie. 




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