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The Download on Phthalates

We need to talk. It’s about a toxic relationship. Specifically, the one between phthalates and personal care products. We’re just going to get right down to it. 

So, what exactly is a phthalate? 

Glad you asked. It’s a man-made chemical used in personal care items to bind ingredients, help penetrate product deeper into the skin, and give fragrances a longer-lasting boost. 

Okay. Why are they so bad for you? 

Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, which means they can interfere with your hormones. Once absorbed into the skin, they enter the bloodstream and can cause a whole slew of serious issues – reproductive problems, infertility, premature puberty, anatomical abnormalities, cancer, birth defects, ADHD, allergies, autism, eczema, and more. 

Then why in the world are they used in so many products?! 

Don’t get us started on this one. They are banned in the EU and Canada, but the FDA allows them here in the United States, putting the onus on you to carefully read labels. 

Okay, so am I just looking for the word “phthalate” in the list of ingredients? 

We wish it were that easy. The most common phthalates will be listed as DBP, DNOP, DiNP, DEP, BBzP, BBP, DEHP, DiDP, DnHP, DMP, and DnOP. And if you see the word “fragrance” on the list, that’s a major red flag – they are often hidden in there too. 

Where does Evereden stand on phthalates? 

Phthalates are a hard NO for us. We’re obsessive when it comes to your safety. So much so, we have a Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Joyce Teng, who also happens to be the Head of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford University. You’ll never find phthalates – or the 1,400+ harmful chemicals banned in the EU – in any of our products. 

How do you make super-sure they’re safe? 

Our Scientific Board of doctors (all Harvard Medical Schools) screens every single ingredient in our products for safety and effectiveness. Once our products are formulated, we vigorously test them until they meet our strict standards. Then, we test again with third-party scientists.   

Do Evereden products really work without any of these chemicals? 

Absolutely. Along with safety, effectiveness is our top priority. We source high-quality botanicals from around the world (sunflower seed oil from France, Kakadu plum from Australia, grapeseed oil from Spain), resulting in nutrient-dense, high-performing formulations you can trust for your family. 

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