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What Does Detox, #NoTox Mean to Us?

Our skincare is safe enough for newborn babies and pregnant mamas, and we took zero shortcuts to get there. 

Clean, natural, chemical-free, green, detox—these words are used interchangeably in beauty marketing, and yet no one knows what they really mean. As noted by the scientists behind the Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab, “there’s an overload of related claims and buzzwords on product packaging and in marketing—and misinformation about what they mean (or don’t).”

The connotation of detox, for example, is that you’re removing bad things from your body, and that it can be inconvenient or annoying (not being able to have brunch with friends because you’re on a juice detox, for example). But what if we redefined detox to make it about the good things with which we nourish your bodies—and what if detoxing was actually enjoyable or pleasurable? 

Here at Evereden, we believe in #NoTox—we use the best ingredients available in our 100 percent non-toxic skincare. And when we say best ingredients, we mean it from a holistic point of view: Our ingredients are the best because they provide the best benefits, and they are the best because they’re good enough to eat. We defined these benchmarks ourselves because, unfortunately, no one else is setting the bar so high.

Detox skincare

The inconsistency over safe cosmetics ingredients starts at the very top: While the EU has banned over 1400 cosmetics ingredients, the US has restricted about 12. In fact, American cosmetics safety laws have remain largely unchanged since 1938—when the laws were first enacted! EU law prohibits animal testing and requires registration of cosmetics products, pre-market safety assessments, and government authorization of nanomaterials (such as preservatives or UV filters). It is the most comprehensive evaluation system in the world. In comparison, registering a cosmetics product in the US is completely voluntary. To this day in the US, you can find formaldehyde in nail polish, parabens in skincare products, and coal tar dyes in eyeshadows—all ingredients that are banned in the EU. 

We hold ourselves up to the EU guidelines, even though we are sold in the US and Asia, because we believe you and your family deserve the best. But we don’t stop at EU regulations. We go beyond their requirements, which we consider the baseline of appropriate safety procedures. Because there is no universal governing body for the $532 billion global cosmetics industry, we’ve adopted the strictest standards by banning an additional 600 ingredients, including synthetic fragrances, irritating natural ingredients like tea tree and lavender oil, and fossil fuels like petroleum. That’s over 2000 ingredients banned from our repertoire—the highest standard that any beauty brand can uphold. As a team of mothers and pediatricians, we’re not taking any chances on your family, or ours.

Baby skin is particularly delicate because it is highly permeable, especially in the first two weeks of life. There is a substantial risk of toxicity from absorption of toxins and chemicals. Additionally, constant contact with diapers and wipes increases permeability and sensitivity of baby skin. Newborn skin has a neutral pH surface, which increases susceptibility to bacterial growth. And as any mother knows, the heavenly softness of baby skin also makes it more prone to injury and cuts. “Children’s skin matters because it is extremely thin and delicate, and is their main protection barrier against the environment, at an age where their bodies have not yet fully developed their immunity,” Dr. Joyce Teng, Evereden's Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford University, explains. “Evereden is safe for skin because our products are derived from healthy food sources.”

For example, sunflower seed oil, a potent source of vitamin E found in our Nourishing Baby Face Cream, is also one of the safest emollients you and your baby can use. (We only approve about 1 in 50 oils.) Our skincare is not only safe for babies, but also formulated to optimize gentle hydration in their daily routine, helping ease common ailments like diaper rash.

Detox skincare

By eliminating 2000 potentially harmful ingredients, we’re making the safest beauty products in the world. We’re taking (baby) steps to redefine skincare with the best ingredients and the best results. Forget the detox, and let’s go #NoTox.

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