A Message From Our Team


A Message From Our Team

Some companies are born from a single lightning bolt “aha” discovery.

Ours was more like a series of “wait, really?!” moments. Or falling so far down a rabbit hole that there wasn’t any going back.

We’re a group of doctors, scientists, and analysts; not beauty or baby industry execs. But as parents, aunts, and uncles ourselves, the more we discovered about how the products marketed towards the children in our lives are made, the more convinced we became that all families deserve better.

This conviction has taken us all over the world, from mineral-based sunscreen manufacturers’ back offices in Australia to essential oil apothecaries in France to the waiting rooms of Harvard and Stanford’s top pediatric dermatologists. The surprising truth we learned along the way: While the clean beauty movement is revolutionizing high-performing, non-toxic, non-irritating, luxurious skincare for grown-ups, children’s formulations have been virtually unchanged since the 1970’s.

With Evereden, we made a simple but powerful demandthat the products we use on our kids refuse to compromise. On safety. On effectiveness. On touch, feel, smell, or beauty.

This meant ruffling feathers, challenging the status quo, and pushing back when manufacturers’ told us “no.” Just one example: Our Scientific Advisory Board expressed frustration that, despite being named the American Contact Dermatitis Society’s “Allergen of the Year,” a surfactant called Cocamidopropyl Betaine or it’s close cousin Cocamidopropyl Hydroxultaine can be found in nearly all baby shampoos (even the “natural” ones). When we insisted on reformulating, finding a gentler, plant-based replacement that was just as luxe-feeling took us over a year.

That’s why today, we’re so thrilled to be launching our six debut products. Each represents a true labor of love and, well, a whole lot of labor.

We’re exceedingly proud that they meet the strictest guidelines established by our team of pediatric dermatologists; ban more chemicals and natural irritants than any other brand; and use clinically-proven, plant-based ingredients of the highest quality to protect and soothe kids’ and babies’ precious skin.

We hope you and your littles will love them as much as we do.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback. 

Team Evereden

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