10 Ways To Come Up With Your Perfect Baby Name


10 Ways To Come Up With Your Perfect Baby Name

Few things are more, ahem, challenging than deciding on a baby name with your partner. Between navigating family monikers and keeping that sometimes crazy pregnancy brain in check (what’s wrong with Roxanne Lillypie Pornetzky?!), things can get a little dicey. But you need to settle on something in order to get out of the hospital, so give these fun (yet highly effective) suggestions a whirl.

1. If you have a letter in mind but need some good old inspiration  (literally), head to Amazon’s alphabetized list of biographies for ideas. Think Lou (Reed), Lance (Armstrong), Leo (Tolstoy).

2. Throw it back to the literary greats. If The Great Gatsby is an all-time fave, Zelda makes for a good girl’s name and Fitzgerald (Fitz) for a boy. If Little Women is more your style, Louisa and May are both good options. And if you love the musings of Oscar Wilde (his full name is Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde), you could go with Oscar, Wilder, or Wills.

3. If you have a few names you’re lukewarm on, head to Nameberry, where you can enter up to 8 “inspiration” names and it comes up with 100 similar suggestions that are all over the map in a good way.

 4. Baby Names by Nametrix is a whip-smart app that lets you search popular monikers by profession. Future CEO? Doron, Zia, and Whit are in the top 10. Destined to be a chef? Better go with Jamie, Marcel, or Alexandra. A playwright in the making? Rolf, Jules, or Hannah.

 5. If you want something not super popular here but not totally out there either, check out the most popular names in other countries like England (Edith, Aurora, Oliver, Noah), Australia (Isla, Matilda, Levi, Liam), and Denmark (Emil, Felix, Ida, Agnes).

6. Love the idea of a family name but aren’t feeling the ones you know about? Hit up Ancestry.com and dig for long-ago relatives with potentially awesome names.

 7. Give it the President Test. How does it sound after President __________ of the United States. If the answer is “silly”, you best move right along (or use it for a middle name).

8. Is there a certain year that has significance to you? Enter it in the Social Security Database to find out what names were most popular then. (It also lists the most popular names now, which you might want to avoid.)

9. At a total loss? There’s an app for that! Babyname by Nametrix works like Tinder with a simple swipe right (yes!) or left (no way!). You and your partner can work individually, and it will tell you the names you both agree on (i.e. no fighting!).

10. If you just can’t find one you both like, enlist the help of Future Perfect. The experts will take your requirements and input and come back to you with a list of monikers – and they’re good!

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