Meet EverMom Laney Crowell


Meet EverMom Laney Crowell

Going with your gut is always a good idea. Laney Crowell is (literal) proof of that. The Brooklyn-based clean beauty influencer (with serious Ali McGraw vibes) found her professional calling by diving head first into an internet rabbit hole when she was feeling really unwell – experiencing cold after cold and low energy.

She told us, “In 2011, wellness wasn’t a ‘thing’ yet, and through tons of research, it became clear to me that what you put in and on your body has a direct effect on your health. I taught myself about nutrition, ate a plant-based diet, and started meditating. And within 6 months I started feeling like a whole new person.”

At the time, Laney was heading up social media and content at Estee Lauder, but her newfound knowledge led her to walk away and launch The Moment, an editorial platform dedicated to clean living, full of super smart posts about how to live a non-toxic (in every sense of the word) life. 

So, what’s a girl to do when she goes on the hunt for affordable, clean makeup that actually works and comes up empty? If you’re Laney, you launch a brand with some of your beauty industry favorites. Her new line Saie (pronounced “say”) just launched, and it’s everything you need to feel like the best, clean version of yourself.


Saie isn’t Laney’s only baby. She’s the mom to two-year-old Isabella (aka Buddha) and has brought her healthy lifestyle into motherhood. Her whole team knows she’s unavailable from 5-8pm because she’s spending time with her daughter. And she’s not just half engaged while responding to emails, she checks her phone at the door when she gets home. She told us, “It helps with stress and lets me think more creatively. I think it’s a huge advantage and such a gift to switch gears like that. They tell you when you become a mom, you become much more efficient and that’s super true.There are days that I feel like a real live Super Woman!”

Meet the uber-knowledgeable, super-genuine, master of balance...Laney Crowell.

Saie What?!

My nontoxic makeup line consists of five high efficacy products, all infused with fashion and style and at an affordable price point (everything is under $25). We are primarily direct to consumer but are so excited to be in all Goop shops for launch!

Mascara 101 is an incredibly high-performance 98% natural formula. I wear it to Tracy Anderson and it doesn’t move even when there is sweat dripping down my face! It creates a cool-girl, doe-eyed lash look with 1-2 coats and a really bold look with lots of volume if you layer it with 5-6 coats. 

Brow Butter (in clear and tinted) grooms your brows in the most perfect, chic way. Our formula has a growth peptide complex in it so helps with that while keeping those hairs in place.

Liquid Lip Balm is a universal super sheer pink with just the right amount of gloss. It gives you a beautiful sheen and is incredibly nourishing. And it’s a hue you can wear anywhere.

We created a Lash Curler (in our signature lilac) that we were just going to give as gifts to beauty editors for launch. But when we met with the beauty editor at Goop, she thought it was so cute and effective that she asked if they could sell it, so we decided to put it into production so everyone could have one. 

    Seriously Serious

    We take performance very seriously at Saie and work with some top labs and chemists in the world. Our direct-to-consumer model keeps the price point affordable. And my background in fashion sheds that lens on the aesthetic of the line. (Celeb stylist Monica Rose styled the Saie photo shoot.) 


    I’ve got breakfast down. I make a delicious, nutrient-dense homemade meal for my husband and daughter every morning. I get up 45 minutes before them to make my matcha, meditate, and prep their meal – things like overnight oats, pumpkin muffins, and egg scrambles. I’m pretty good at sneaking in veggies like zucchini and carrots that go undetected. 

    No Means NO!

    My daughter is super smart, and if I say “no” to something and then relent and let her get away with it, it’s a little victory for her. Then if she doesn’t get it the next time, she throws a tantrum. So I have to seriously stick to my guns, which is harder than I thought!

    Relationship Advice

    Get a babysitter! We have at least one date night a week, if not two. That time is so important for us as a couple. We love checking out new restaurants and always put the effort in to find somewhere we’re excited to try. (We went to Misi last weekend, and it was incredible!) But it’s really the one-on-one conversation that I look forward to most – it’s our only time during the week to catch up without distraction. 

    Parenting Style

    I grew up in Paris and Marin (right outside San Francisco), so my parenting style is part French, part California. Manners and movement are so important to me: Introducing yourself properly, always saying goodbye, and, of course, please and thank you’s. Plus, a daily dose of fresh air. We don’t let either slide.

    Stress Reliever

    I make it a priority to exercise every day, usually a Tracy Anderson class. I love dancing because it really lets my brain shift gears. You have to focus so hard on the moves or sequence that you forget about everything else. That along with a daily 15-minute meditation is how I manage my stress. 


    I just read Gabby Bernstein’s new book, Super Attractor, which was fantastic. I get obsessed with a new thing every day, and today that’s hard boiled eggs from the Farmer’s Market with salt and pepper – a budget-friendly, healthy, delicious, no-sugar lunch. And Anima Mundi coconut creamer, a dehydrated powder I blend with hot water, matcha, and almond milk for the perfect breakfast.  

    Must Follows

    One of my faves is Andrea Levanthal, the Beauty Director at People. I’ve known her for years, and she is one of the funniest people you’ll ever follow. I also follow Shaun King for news and The Onion for the laughs. 

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