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Bruna Tenório is the former face of Ralph Lauren, Chanel Haute Couture, Vera Wang, and many more fashion brands and houses. The Brazilian model of indigenous descent has been on the covers of international editions of Vogue and Elle, and had a global beauty contract as the face of Shiseido. After a decade of modeling, she launched her eponymous jewelry brand, Bruna Tenório Jewelry, focused on made-to-order pieces designed and manufactured in New York City. In early December 2020, she gave birth to her son, Gael—we’re going to miss her gorgeous pregnancy shoots, but we’re excited to see more cute baby photos. We spoke with the Brooklyn-based mom on forging a new path for herself in fashion, “off-duty model” beauty tips (we had to ask!), and how 2020 has changed her intentions. 

What inspired you to found your own company after a successful career in modeling?  

After 10 years working as a model, I wanted to try something else that could work parallel with my career in fashion. I decided to study jewelry design. I learned the techniques of handmade jewelry, wax carving, metal smithing, and stone setting. I loved the idea of being able to create something I really love that had my DNA. So, I decided to create my own jewelry line called Bruna Tenório Jewelry. 

You have worked with so many incredible designers as a model. Have any of them inspired you in your own work as a jewelry designer?  

I believe I have learned a lot working with some of the best professionals in this industry. I always wanted to create something for myself where I could express who I really am. I can say Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld had a huge impact in my career for giving me a first chance at the fashion world and opening many doors for me when I shot for the brand in 2007. And Ralph Lauren for having me as the face of the brand for over a decade. 

How do you balance between modeling, running a jewelry brand, and being a first-time mother? 

Right now, I’m dedicating 100 percent of my time to my son. I have a partner that is taking care of the business currently, and I am just working on creating my next collection whenever I feel inspired and, of course, when the baby is sleeping! 

As a Brazilian in Brooklyn, are there any Brazilian values that you hope to instill in your son, Gael?  

Family always first! That’s how Brazilians are!  

How does self-care look like for you these days, and has it changed since you gave birth to Gael? 

Pregnancy made me much more aware of my body. I spent a lot of time moisturizing my bump to avoid stretch marks, and massaging my legs and arms. I’m still doing it now… hello Golden Belly Serum!

Bruna Tenorio

We have to ask: Are there any "model off-duty" beauty or self-care tips that we should know about? 

I know it’s cliché, but I do drink a lot of water throughout my day, and I do think it’s key for beautiful and glowing skin. 

With 2020 coming to a close, how do you plan to usher in the New Year? 

I have a notebook where I write all my New Year’s resolutions. I usually write down 10 goals I want to achieve in the upcoming year. Doing this really has helped me focus on achieving those goals. 

That’s such a great way to prepare for the New Year. What were your goals and intentions at the start of 2020, and how do they compare to your goals and intentions now? 

2020 was not an easy year for most people. It was weird and scary! But it was also the year I got pregnant with my first son, and the year that he was born, so it will always be a special year for us. Actually, it’s been the best year of my life! I think my goals and intentions are now definitely geared towards being the best mom to my son. I’m sure there will be many more lessons of motherhood in 2021 in store for me.  

Looking back on 2020, what was the biggest challenge you have overcome?  

Being able to have a safe and healthy pregnancy in the middle of a pandemic! 

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