Everything You Need to Know About Eczema According to Dermatologists

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Everything You Need to Know About Eczema According to Dermatologists

Eczema is a multigenerational condition that can develop at any time from the first few months of life into adulthood, with 15-20% of children affected by the condition. While scientists and clinicians are still trying to figure out exactly why eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) develops, the symptoms are well known. Eczema leaves skin dry, inflamed, itchy, and even cracked—which makes for a lot of unhappy little ones.

To help us better understand eczema, we sat down with our Moms in Medicine Dr. Joyce Teng (Chief Scientific Officer of Evereden and Head of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford Medical School) and Dr. Sarina Elmariah (MD, PhD, Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital). As dermatologists (and mothers), they have first-hand experience dealing with eczema. Their personal stories and expertise inspired the development of our new Healing Eczema Treatment, a steroid-free, naturally derived cream for quick itch relief and lasting healing repair.



“Eczema is often associated with a breach in the skin barrier, so that your skin dries out more easily and becomes more easily irritated,” says Dr. Elmariah. In addition to dry, itchy skin, other eczema symptoms include discomfort, redness, peeling, cracking, and even bleeding.

“My daughter had severe eczema, and one night I woke up to her at midnight, she was not yet asleep and was scratching and bleeding,” says Dr. Teng. “I was heartbroken. It just made me feel helpless.” Wanting to find a way to heal and soothe the discomfort she saw in her daughter that night is what inspired her to become a dermatologist and develop an eczema treatment that really worked.



“The current theory comes down to two processes: the skin barrier breakdown and the activation of your immune system,” says Dr. Teng. Irritants and allergens can enter the body through an impaired skin barrier, which then activates an immune system response, like inflammation.

If a child comes from a family with a history of eczema, they are more likely to develop the condition, but environmental factors are also at play. Allergies, dry skin, air pollution, and proximity to traffic have all been linked to an increased risk of developing an eczema rash.

The key is to know what your child’s personal eczema triggers are and make informed decisions around diet and activities.  



While there is no cure for eczema (yet!), you can take steps to treat and prevent flare-ups. The first and most important step is protecting the skin barrier. “It’s your first line of defense. It establishes the skin integrity so allergens and irritants can’t penetrate through and activate the immune system,” says Dr. Teng. This is where our new Healing Eczema Treatment comes in.

A breakthrough when it comes to treating eczema, this naturally-derived cream quickly relieves itchy skin and delivers healing repair without the use of steroids. “I'm a life-long sufferer of eczema, and my two boys also have it. Knowing our genetic history, I did everything I could to prepare and was careful about every single molecule and ingredient that I put on their skin,” says Dr. Elmariah. After spending years trying everything from steroid creams to over-the-counter treatments, she finally found something that worked: an all-natural ingredient called quercetin that helps treat inflammation and restore the skin barrier. “I'm excited to incorporate quercetin in this formula. It’s the only thing that worked for me and was safe enough for my kids,” she says.

Healing Eczema Treatment is formulated with our Barrier Restore Technology™, which features naturally derived anti-inflammatories like golden spent barley and quercetin, plus skin-strengthening ceramides and soothing colloidal oatmeal to treat active flare-ups. It’s been clinically proven to reduce skin redness and dryness by over 98%.**

 “Our mission was to create a comprehensive eczema treatment combining the latest in skin protectant innovation with gold standard ingredients trusted to help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to provide not only immediate relief but also long-term skin barrier repair,”   Safe enough to use on the most vulnerable member of your family and effective  enough to combat eczema in adults, it’s the perfect treatment for  irritation and inflammation for the whole family.


**Based on a 2-week clinical study with 34 participants aged 3-36 months, assessed on facial skin.

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