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What is an Active Ingredient?

Chances are, if you’ve ever watched a skincare tutorial on YouTube or lost hours reading through fascinating posts on skincare Reddit, you’ve encountered “active ingredient” as a term.


But what is an active ingredient—and is it just another beauty marketing buzzword? 

An active ingredient is an ingredient found in a skincare product that is specifically formulated and clinically proven to address the skincare concerns that the product is meant to treat. It’s not just nice to have—it’s essential to making the product. For example, the passionfruit oil found in our Golden Belly Serum isn’t your average passionfruit oil sourced from the seeds of the maracuja fruit. Our activated and proprietary form of passionfruit seed oil, sourced ethically from Peru, is formulated to help rebuild the collagen-elastin network, providing reparative anti-aging benefits by increasing collagen and elastin. Using a patented and sustainable method of molecular distillation, we’ve extracted the maximum amount of nutrients from the pure oil, and have combined it with other active ingredients in our formula to work in synergy as a breakthrough stretch mark treatment. 


The science behind how our activated passionfruit seed oil works on your skin:

Like the peptides found in your favorite luxury skincare serums, our activated passionfruit seed oil helps rebuild and regenerate the collagen found in your skin. It performs this reparative transformation by stimulating three levels of the skin repair process: the dermis (where fibroblasts, which are cells responsible for regenerating connective tissue reside), the dermo epidermal junction (a tissue area that connects the dermis and epidermis, aka the DEJ), and the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin that is the first barrier of protection). It then supports regeneration and restructuring of the collagen found within the layers of the skin. According to clinical studies, cells that have been treated by our passionfruit seed oil regenerate 87 percent more collagen than untreated cells! 


What's not to love! 

In addition to being highly effective for collagen production, passionfruit seed oil is safe and gentle for all stages of pregnancy—and beyond. Our Golden Belly Serum is an amazing treatment for treating skin during periods of weight loss or gain, too. Passionfruit is a delicious, nourishing summer ingredient, and this golden oil adds a summery glow-from-within to your skin all year round. We couldn’t formulate our Golden Belly Serum without our soothing, nourishing, potent passionfruit seed oil, and that’s why it’s one of the active ingredients. 


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