9 Clever Uses For Evereden Products




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9 Clever Uses For Evereden Products

We’re all about the strictest standards here at Evereden, and we pride ourselves on the safety and efficacy of all our products. But did you know they all go above and beyond their intended purpose? Here are our favorite alternate uses for each one. 

Multi-Purpose Healing Balm

Of course it relieves irritated or eczema-prone skin, heals chaffed nipples, and can banish a bad diaper rash. But our best-selling, cult balm lives up to its name by also... 

•  Instantly relieving a chapped nose from too much rubbing (ouch!)

•  Preventing blisters by putting it onto parts of shoes that rub your feet

•  Healing cuts, scrapes, burns, stitches and skin post-surgery

•  Moisturizing dehydrated hands, cuticles and nails

•  Creating perfectly glossy eyelids and brilliantly highlights cheekbones

•  Taming stubborn flyaways and styling eyebrows


      Soothing Baby Massage Oil

      This super-gentle oil is great for adding a boost of much-needed hydration to dry, allergy and eczema-prone skin, for baby and for mom. But it also...

      •  Can be mixed with brown sugar to create a homemade body scrub

        Removes your makeup gently

        Ensures a clean, close shave and leaves legs feeling smooth after

        Can be layered with our Baby Moisturizing Lotion, Nourishing Stretch Mark
         Cream, and Lifting and Firming Lotion for an added dose of moisturization

        Detangles necklaces – add a drop to the tangled bunch and pick it apart
         with a safety pin

      Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

      This tear-free body and hair cleanser gently does the trick without irritating even the most sensitive skin. But it also…

        Brilliantly cleanses makeup brushes

        Makes a great bubble bath for you or your little(s)

      •  Gently washes damaged skin post-surgery



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