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The secret(s) to making bathtime fun

Know what makes bath time so much fun (besides rubber duckies)? Bubbles! Oh and wine, a really good book, and some much-needed alone time. But back to bubbles since today is National Bubble Bath Day. 

Splish Splash

Did you know our super-safe, extra-gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash also makes an excellent bubble bath? (In fact, all of our products have some great alternative uses.) Your little can get clean while having a blast in a sudsy tub. Prevent any post-bath meltdowns due to being cold with Hill House Home’s luxe bath set (that robe!).

The Rubdown

For an extra treat, follow up baby’s bath with a massage using our Soothing Baby Massage Oil and these brilliant tips from Mayo Clinic that ensure you’re doing it safely and most effectively (i.e. preparing them for sleep). 

Your Turn!

Once you get baby down, it’s time for you to enjoy a soak in the tub. If you haven’t tried doula Carson Meyer’s homemade organic scrub, C & The Moon, you’re missing out. We had no idea you could become addicted to a scrub, but here we are with seriously glowing skin and a borderline obsession. 

Bring It All With You

If you’re the type to linger in the tub, this brilliant bamboo tub caddy has a spot for everything – wine, phone, book, kindle, candle, washcloth, and more.

Get Cozy

When you get out, dry off with a new Havly towel with almost magical absorbent powers and a smart hanging loop. Then wrap up in Coyuchi’s Cloud Robe, made of super-soft, organic cotton that’s absorbent without feeling heavy.

Now revel in your relaxed state.

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