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Skin Tips to Combat COVID-19

At Evereden, we’re lucky to have medical professionals as essential team members -- such as Dr. Joyce Teng, Evereden’s Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Stanford’s Pediatric Dermatology Department -- who is playing an integral role in the development of not just our products, but also our community values. 

Below, Dr. Joyce shares three guidelines to follow to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Use a Fragrance-Free Mild Soap

Be sure to use a fragrance-free mild soap when washing your little one’s hands. While there isn’t a magic count for the number of times you should be washing your little one’s hands in a day, a good guideline to follow is ensuring at least 20 seconds of hand washing each time. Simply wash when you feel the need to -- for example, before and after a meal. 

Shop our fragrance-free Baby Shampoo & Body Wash for a gentle coconut-based cleanser that's great for the whole family.  


Use a Fragrance-Free, Oil-Based Moisturizer

It is important to follow-up frequent hand washing with the use of a fragrance-free, oil-based moisturizer, so that moisture is retained on the skin’s surface. 

Shop our fragrance-free Baby Moisturizing Lotion for lightweight, long-lasting hydration.  


Wipe Off Chemicals

It is ok to use alcohol-based sanitizer or hand wipes on your little one before and after play. Let the sanitizer stay on your little’s skin for approximately 30 seconds, then consider using a damp towel to wipe the chemicals off. The germs will be killed, and your little’s hands won’t have excessive alcohol on it! 



With these three simple steps in mind, you and your family's skin will still feel nourished yet cleansed. 


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